We care greatly about your health and safety. We are committed to high levels of cleanliness, social distancing, and minimal handling of our products. Stay safe.

We are responding to COVID-19 by making our veggies and flowers available by as many avenues possible to break access barriers and provide options for our customers and our farm during this trying time.

Explore below to learn more about what a CSA is and if it is right for you. 

What is a CSA? 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

is a supportive relationship between a farmer and a community member. 

Together we build a stronger more resilient local food system and community.

When you purchase a 'share' of vegetable or flowers we grow you become a CSA member. As your farmers, we support you with fresh delicious veggies or inspiring flowers and you support us with your commitment.


The CSA model is a deep level of connection between

where your food comes from, 

the people growing your food,

the place and the seasons we live in

and the way you eat and live.


As your farmer we take great honor and responsibility to provide you with the best food and/or flower experience for your health, and for the health of the planet.


When you sign up for our CSA you become a part of our farm family.

We welcome you into our world with food and flowers!

Please take a moment to consider whether the CSA model is a good fit for you and your family.

Read more below for share details and visit our CSA FAQ page. 



Spring veggies are tender offerings such as radishes, sweet turnips, arugula, baby leaf salad mixes, rapini, shoots/micro greenslettuces, carrots,  braising greens and green onions. 


Early spring flowers provide the first glimpses into the colors of the year. Fragrance often graces spring blooms to fill your home with color and scent.


Fill both your belly and soul! Following the season with both vegetables and flowers is a sure way to sink in deeply with the world around you.  

SPRING CSA Share • 8 weeks


Flower CSA Share • 8 weeks


Full Moon CSA Share • Food & Flowers • 8 weeks



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