Jordan Uth
My lifelong conversation with plants has led me over wild lands, between botanical gardens & nurseries and traipsing through rows of food, herbs, botanical oddities & so many flowers.
A gardener since infancy and a land steward by heart. Formal education in plants from UC Davis. Constantly observing, learning and loving.

Land Steward, Land Educator + Coordinator & Instructor at Willamette University.

Certified in Permaculture Ethics Based Design

Jay Uth 
Vegetables are expressive, nurturing and essential; I am perpetually entranced by their wonder and humbling nature. 
I enjoy tinkering on things to make me feel like I'm making life easier. 

Hello! We are your farmers Jay, Jordan and Juniper Uth (we pronounce Uth "youth").

We work with the land and it's beings. We work with you! We work with each other and we work in solitude.

We like each other immensely and find joy in the multiverse. We named our farm Olde Moon as we set to realizing our intentions for working our own farm business-- the Olde Moon is the crescent just before the New Moon, a time of reflection and gratitude.

We are here working with the land and we are grateful.

Jay and Jordan work in tandem, bringing two minds full of observation and responsible adaptability to our practices of land work. We have worked in restoration ecology, biodynamics, permaculture, sustainable/regenerative systems -- and we acknowledge the traditional ecological knowledge of indigenous peoples that is the basis of permaculture and regenerative land stewardship.