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The Olde Moon Farm Story:

Olde Moon Farm was developed through the diligent, creative, joyful, and sensitive work of Jay and Willow Jordan Uth, with their daughter Juniper, starting in 2018. They transformed a small hobby farm into a productive and vibrant system. Wanting to explore a longer term, deeper sense of land stewardship and relationship, they moved to land they purchased in southern Vermont in November, 2022. We miss them dearly, stay in touch, and wish them so well in their efforts and journeys with land and their new regional community! Find their photos and short bios below. 

As for the farm name -- Jay and Willow Jordan "named our farm Olde Moon as we set to realizing our intentions for working our own farm business-- the Olde Moon is the crescent just before the New Moon, a time of reflection and gratitude." 

Adam McKinley started with the Olde Moon crew part time in 2021, and you may have seen him doing the market booth in Silverton in 2022. He now owns and manages the Olde Moon Farm business. He is also a Licensed Massage Therapist in OR. 

Adam, from Portland, OR, studied plant ecology and has farmed and/or practiced massage in Colorado, Kaua'i and Oregon. He spent much of the last decade as a farm educator at GeerCrest Farm, wearing many hats. Moving on after a pandemic related shutdown, he returned to vegetable production at Olde Moon Farm and Diggin Roots Farm. He's also managed micro goat dairies and has years of experience raising and harvesting animals. His dream is to find balance in veggie, flower, and herb production with providing opportunities for education, personal and community growth, and healing. 

Jordan Uth
My lifelong conversation with plants has led me over wild lands, between botanical gardens & nurseries and traipsing through rows of food, herbs, botanical oddities & so many flowers.
A gardener since infancy and a land steward by heart. Formal education in plants from UC Davis. Constantly observing, learning and loving.

Certified in Permaculture Ethics Based Design
Jay Uth 
Vegetables are expressive, nurturing and essential; I am perpetually entranced by their wonder and humbling nature. 
I enjoy tinkering on things to make me feel like I'm making life easier. 
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