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The Olde Moon Farm Story:

Olde Moon Farm was developed through the diligent, creative, and sensitive work of Jay and Willow Jordan Uth, with their daughter Juniper, starting in 2018. In November 2022, they moved to a piece of land they purchased in southern Vermont, Sylvan Moon Farm. We miss them dearly, stay in touch, and cherish their work with the land and feeding their new regional community! 

As for the farm name -- Jay and Willow Jordan "named our farm Olde Moon as we set to realizing our intentions for working our own farm business-- the Olde Moon is the crescent just before the New Moon, a time of reflection and gratitude." 

Olde Moon Farm today: 

Adam McKinley worked as a part-time crewmember at Olde Moon in 2021 and 2022. He now owns and manages the Olde Moon Farm business, working part-time as a massage therapist at White Oak Wellness in Silverton. Hannah Kullberg moved to the farm with her children, West and Zaya, in December 2022. Hannah leads the flower aspect of the farm and supports in a myriad of other ways. Hannah works full-time as a consultant in our regional food system. 


Adam, from Portland, OR, studied plant ecology at Colorado College and massage therapy in Kaua’i. He has worked as an organic farmer, educator, and massage therapist for much of the last 16 years in a number of settings. Adam’s dream is to find balance in raising animals, veggies, flowers, and herbs with providing opportunities for education, personal and community growth, and healing.


Hannah fell in love with farming and food systems work while attending Vassar College and interning at the Poughkeepsie Farm Project. Life took her into the natural industry where she continues to work as a food startup connector and project catalyst with the mission to collectively build an equitable, regenerative, resilient, regional food system.

Farm Life

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