Dark Wood
our responsibility to you and us
equity takes everyday
listen, learn and take action
As the veggies and flowers grow -- as we work in our bubble in the woods -- the world needs people to stand up for equity with every day anti-racist actions in all areas of the world and especially with those who work the land and in agriculture.

As a biracial cis male and white cis female farm partnership, our orientations to race and gender bias differ from one another. What we hold in common is our dedication to racial inclusion and equitable action. We are watching, learning, and engaging. As individuals, as parents, as community members, and as a small community business, Jay and Jordan are working at defining and taking anti-racist actions. We are privately donating a regular portion of our profits to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) organizations on the frontlines of antiracist actions and to BIPOC individuals who are working hard to educate America to the realities of the working racist system.