to be here is to be present, responsible and grateful
our relationship
to land
farming & stewardship 
Land Acknowledgement
As the eastern edge of the Willamette valley lowlands begin to rise into the first rolls of the Cascade foothill's finger valleys and hills, follow along the southern bank of the Abiqua River and into a narrow valley that curves around as it climbs to 880 feet arriving at a clearing in the woods hugging the flank of a western facing ridge. 
These foothills are the lands of the Molalla people who have tended this place since time immemorial and who are today represented by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz. We know that our presence here is the result of a treacherous history of colonization, land theft, and oppression.
With this awareness of history and responsibility to the people who were here originally, to their living descendants, and to future generations, we speak this land acknowledgement here and in our community - not in place of active relationships and reparations - but to be clear in our intentions for positive engagement as land stewards, farmers and community members with Indigenous tribes, peoples and projects.