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to be here is to be present, responsible and grateful
our relationship
to land
farming & stewardship 
Land Acknowledgement
Our little farm settles into the side of a saddle, in a clearing within dense timber close to 900 ft above the nearby town of Silverton Oregon. Tended by the Molalla people for millennia, the occupation of this area in the 1800s represented the negating of humanity of these people, as well as the denial of generation upon generation of traditional ecological knowledge that shaped their landscapes, language, and culture through intimate coevolution and stewardship. 

Surviving the horrors of colonization, attempted genocide, and continued oppression, the Molalla people are now represented by the Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz. While these brief statements are not intended to make up for the unspeakable mistakes of the past and present, we hope that community attention toward history in understanding current inequities is one aspect of nurturing more positive, life-giving, co-stewardship relationships in our collective future.

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