to be here is to be present, responsible and grateful
our relationship
to land
farming & stewardship 
We acknowledge we are on the land of the Kalapuya and Molalla, who today are represented by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz Indians, whose relationship with this land continues to this day. We offer gratitude for the land itself, for those who have stewarded it for generations, and for the opportunity to tend, grow, and be in community on this land.
Jay and Jordan approach land together with a depth and breath of experience and the openness of eternal learning. Observation of what is present and generous in a landscape informs greatly the farming opportunities and land stewardship actions.
We stride the ecological breadth of the wild and the cultivated.
Our relationship to land involves both a farm system approach of soil building and small scale production alongside an ecological approach to land stewardship for biodiversity and  resilient, adaptive and regenerative practices.
Our approach looks for opportunity in change. 
Our practices have roots in permaculture, biodynamic farming, organic agriculture, horticulture, French Intensive systems, landscaping, restoration ecology and being outdoors... to name a few. 
We draw from all these experiences to respond to our observations and create alongside the needs of place and purpose.
 Olde Moon Farm
Olde Moon Farm lies east of the sweet town of Silverton, Oregon. The farm was formed after the fortuitous meeting of Jay and Jordan and Roger and Megan Benedict via Oregon Farm Link in 2017.
The land is mostly treed with Douglas Fir, ubiquitous in the Cascade foothills.
The soil is classified as Nekia silty clay loam.
USDA Zone 8a at about 880' elevation.


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