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    to be here is to be present, responsible and grateful our relationship to land farming & stewardship Land Acknowledgement As the eastern edge of the Willamette valley lowlands begin to rise into the first rolls of the Cascade foothill's finger valleys and hills, follow along the southern bank of the Abiqua River and into a narrow valley that curves around as it climbs to 880 feet arriving at a clearing in the woods hugging the flank of a western facing ridge. These foothills are the lands of the Molalla people who have tended this place since time immemorial and who are today represented by the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde and the Confederated Tribes of the Siletz. We know that our presence here is the result of a treacherous history of colonization, land theft, and oppression. With this awareness of history and responsibility to the people who were here originally, to their living descendants, and to future generations, we speak this land acknowledgement here and in our community - not in place of active relationships and reparations - but to be clear in our intentions for positive engagement as land stewards, farmers and community members with Indigenous tribes, peoples and projects. ​

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    our responsibility to you and us equity takes everyday listen, learn and take action EQUITY ACTION As the veggies and flowers grow -- as we work in our bubble in the woods -- the world needs people to stand up for equity with every day anti-racist actions in all areas of the world and especially with those who work the land and in agriculture. As a biracial cis male and white cis female farm partnership, our orientations to race and gender bias differ from one another. What we hold in common is our dedication to racial inclusion and equitable action. We are watching, learning, and engaging. As individuals, as parents, as community members, and as a small community business, Jay and Jordan are working at defining and taking anti-racist actions. We are privately donating a regular portion of our profits to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Color) organizations on the frontlines of antiracist actions and to BIPOC individuals who are working hard to educate America to the realities of the working racist system. Black Food Sovereignty Coalition Equitable Giving Circle Wild Diversity As farmers and ecologists we see our action centered in our ability to provide nutritious food for our community. In addition to our personal and communal anti-racist work, we have included an opportunity for you to contribute anything you can towards a CSA share for a local BIPOC family experiencing food insecurity to receive a weekly box of nutritious veggies and a flowers. This donation supports our farm and families -- helping us create a more nutritious and stronger community today.

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    food to nourish your body and delight your senses full of life & full of flavor • • • farmer's market CSA online shop restaurant Food to us at Olde Moon Farm, is nutritious, artistic, flavorful, humbling and extraordinary all at the same time. COME FIND US! CSA Community Supported Agriculture Shop Online Orders Restaurant Direct to Chefs ​ Our Farming Values We farm clean, safe and free of chemicals. We decided to pursue organic certification because of the importance of representation of organics in the agricultural system. More representation of organic farms translates into collective change towards healthier food systems. Our vegetables are CERTIFIED ORGANIC. ​ Organic is how we have always farmed -- for the health of ourselves, our customers, our plants, our farm, our soil, our future. We will always go beyond the requirement for organic certification by building soil, promoting healthy community engagement and pursuing a holistic farm ecosystem. ​ Learn about ! our land stewardship and farming practices Silverton Farmers Market Saturday 9 - 1 May - Oct Townsquare Park, Downtown Silverton

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